About PCL

Prestige Capital Limited

Prestige Capital Limited is a Real Estate Private Investment/Equity Company with extensive knowledge and relevant network within Nigeria and International Real Estate sphere.

Three Mission Pillars

Three key core pillars of our Mission include:

  • Building the future
  • Shaping Society
  • Transforming lives


We build the future by designing reference point real estate projects that are relevant both for now and the future, while promoting creativity, well being and security.


We shape society through well through well thought out and well managed facilities and experiential features with each real estate project, in order to create strong connected communities with shared values.


We transform lives by promoting intelligent thinking along with a strong leadership culture and lifestyle through real estate inspired community initiatives and well-being enhancing activities.

Mission Statement

To provide leadership through profitable real estate projects that build the future, shape society and transform lives starting with Nigeria, the rest of Africa and across the world.

Strategic Vision

To be the leading Transformational and Profitable Real Estate Investment Company in Africa, and a safe haven for discerning high net worth investors and ultimately institutional investors who desire convenience, strong yields, security and long term impact